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At Marcel, our employees are the key players in our success. We are therefore particularly attentive to their well-being, which is central to ensuring the success of our business project.


Marcel is committed to supporting its employees by providing development initiatives that encourage solidarity, mutual aid and collaboration, as well as strengthening employability through an annual training programme.

Remote work

  • 2 days a week

Wellness session

  • Sitting massage sessions
    Workshops to raise awareness of workplace health issues

Internal company life

  • Organisation of social events: Weekly breakfast Monthly management briefing


  • Yearly participation in the sorting of toys for the Super Noël d’Emmaüs Défi Raising awareness of disability in the workplace


  • Each year, Marcel develops a training programme to meet its employees’ skill development needs. 50% of employees trained by 1st half of 2023


At Marcel, providing support to our employees in the development of their career is important to us. As such, we favour in-house promotions for management positions. We are also committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace, by giving women access to management positions, ensuring equal pay for men and women, generalising preservation of salary for maternity and paternity leave, etc. And because we place just as much importance on recruiting new employees, we offer a transparent and collaborative recruitment process that leaves no room for discrimination.

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